Brand Spotlight - LINDBERG

Brand Spotlight - LINDBERG

LINDBERG eyewear is a favourite at The Eye Place and is renowned for its quality and innovative design.

The company was founded in 1986 by Henrik Lindberg, an architect and his father Poul-Jørn Lindberg, an Optometrist, creating a unique relationship between comfortable eyewear and architectural design. Winning 112 internationally recognised design awards to date, LINDBERG eyewear frames are ultra-lightweight and constructed without any screws or rivets.

LINDBERG is one of our favourite eyewear brands for many reasons, from their impeccable design to the variation in styles and materials. You can find a mixture of different LINDBERG glasses in our practices and online from the many different collections. Choose from their high-quality titanium, acetate and titanium combination, sustainably sourced buffalo horn, wooden and precious eyewear.

The precious eyewear collection is one of the most prestigious in the world, with their frames made from solid gold as well as platinum and buffalo horn and set with diamonds for a true luxury frame. Each pair of precious glasses is made by hand with the highest degree of care, giving each frame the attention it demands. Each pair of LINDBERG Precious frames are created by in-house LINDBERG goldsmiths due to the high level of skill and know-how required to craft each piece.

LINDBERG’s special edition wooden eyewear has been thousands of years in the making. Each piece from the limited series has been handcrafted from a unique oak log found in 1950 in Denmark. It is believed that the oak log had fallen into a bog on the southern island group of Denmark between 4500 BC and 7800 BC. The log was then recovered by a farmer in 1950, who was tending to his land, before being put through a drying process until 1973. Following extensive c-14 dating tests by the National Museum of Denmark, the wood found its way to LINDBERG for processing. The preserving properties of the bog has aged the wood in a unique way giving it a darker colour that takes years to develop. The bog oak pieces feature a mixture of wood with buffalo horn and titanium, undergoing a multitude of hand-made processes in the LINDBERG workshop.

Find your perfect pair of LINDBERG glasses at The Eye Place.

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